2016-2017 Literacy Night: Fun and Learning

Literacy Night: Fun and Learning for Staff, Students, and Families

Literacy Night: Fun and Learning for Staff, Students, and Families!

The Cat in the Hat was there. (The Cat bore a striking resemblance to Ms. Peggy. Perhaps the Cat in the Hat is Ms. Peggy's cousin?)

There was spaghetti, salad, bread, and big cookies--all for free.

At the Kindergarten-sponsored table, children created one-of-a-kind bookmarks. Older siblings and parents were persuaded to make bookmarks, too. After all, you’re never too old to need a bookmark!

The 1st grade offered “Make a Truffula Tree Pen” and “Take a Photo as the Cat in the Hat”

The 2nd grade presented “Hop on Popcorn”, a sight word game.

“Make your Favorite Book Character Puppet” was the adventure offered by Grade 3.               

The 4th grade team escorted visitors to “Lyrics2Learn.com”  and offered families a list of online literacy resources.

The 5th grade team elicited adjectives from participants who touched concealed items and sought to describe them. Older students who guessed at the identity of hidden objects were challenged to cite evidence for their conclusions.

Sixth Grade had Word Puzzles and Brain Teasers.  A huge hit was the card game called “Word Around”.

Mr. Lawrence (Art teacher) and Mr. Curry (Technology teacher) offered  “Poetry in Motion”: Students found the action words in a poem and drew pictures to illustrate the actions. Mr. Dominic Mandel helped families try out the new Chrome Books. Ms. Kym and valiant volunteers extended the BOGO Book Fair from morning 'til night. (The BOGO Book Fair will continue 8:30 am-3:00 pm Monday, February 27th through Wednesday, March 1st.)

The Scavenger Hunt, created by Ms. Lisa and Ms. Carrie, was very popular. Students searched for words posted on the walls of the hallways. Clusters of students checked off words as they moved down the hall: “Look! I found MOUNTAIN!"

Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Vicki Daniels was the school staff leader of the event. On hand and behind the scenes were dedicated PTA volunteers who, with Mrs. Daniels and our teachers, planned, coordinated, and produced the entire extravaganza.
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