Message Choice App

Message Choice App

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Spammed by too many district messages? Do you like to get messages by robocall? Email? Text? All or none?

To allow you to have control over how you receive school and District messages we have a free app available. By creating an account, you can access messages through the app, which is compatible with any smartphone or computer. By using this application you can now update your contact information and choose to receive messages by email, text, and/or phone. You can also review stored messages to read anytime.

Getting Started:

  1. From an app store, search for and download the “Schoolmessenger App” with a blue knot icon.

  2. Create an account.

    1. You must use the email address that the school has on record. The app will not work if the email addresses do not match. Employees use their work email address. Follow installation prompts. **No phone? Log in to: and create an account.

    2. One must select a user “Role” such as “Parent” or “Teacher” or “Student.” Employees who are both Parents and Teachers should make two accounts using a personal email and a work email. Teachers are allowed to send messages to Parents. Students have special restrictions to prevent them from changing contact numbers.

    3. Under Settings you will type in “Santa Fe Public School District” and select it from the menu.

    4. You will receive a verification email to finish setting up your account. Follow the instructions.

  3. In the upper left-hand corner of the app screen, there should be a Preferences section under the dropdown menu (three bars). If you do not see this, it is usually because your email address does not match the one in the school system. Contact the school secretary to update your email address.

    1. Still no Preferences? Log into the website version of your account at to verify that you have an account, then restart your app. If there are still no Preferences, then email and note that you have “No Preferences” in your subject line. Preferences are visible under your name icon in the computer-based account. (

  4. Preferences is where you can select the category of message(s) you wish to receive and how you receive them. Click on each box to make your selection.

  5. You may add phone numbers and emails. If you delete or change your registered phone and/or email, please notify your school secretary so that our District registration system can be updated. The secretary will update your registration information so the District information matches your account information. You must first add a new phone number before deleting the existing number, if you choose to do this.

  6. “Messages” is primarily designed for Teachers to communicate with Parents and Students. Teachers can create a group by sending invited members a registration code. Using this feature is at teacher discretion.


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