September 21, 2016

Principal's Wednesday Letter for
September 21, 2016

3rd grade student's crayon drawing of her apartment building

Back to School Bash
A good time was had by all at the Back to School Bash. Our after-school YMCA program helped make “Flubber” as a give-away (with the fantastic help of Ms. Vivian). Thank you for this assistance and thank you to families who came by the table for Chaparral. 

Chocolate Sales Coming to an End Soon
Chocolate Sales are finishing up by Friday, Sept. Sept. 23. Please send in all payments and unsold chocolate. 

Fall Picture Day is Wednesday, September 28, 2016
Flyers were sent home Monday and Picture Envelopes sent on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016. Payment is due on day of Pictures. 

Spirit Wear News
Students are able to purchase Spirit wear until October 7. Order forms were sent home last week. If your child needs a new order form, please stop by the office for one. 

Weather Changes
We are rapidly moving into fall weather and this means temperatures can drop suddenly or we can have sudden rain storms. Please send your children to school with jackets or in layers to prepare for such sudden changes. 

Unfortunately, the playing of Marbles at school has brought out very negative behaviors in our students. Marbles have been taken without permission and without winning. When some children have to give up a marble due to the game, they feel the other person has stolen the marble. Marbles have been stolen and students have gotten into physical altercations due to marbles. Therefore, I am banning marbles and the playing of marbles on campus. This will be announced daily. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences
Just a heads up, the grading period ends Oct. 14 and conferences are October 21st and 24th. We will send home a schedule and try to arrange for si
blings to be scheduled back to back. This is a mandatory conference for all parents to attend. 

Please feel free to contact Coleen Korce in the Office at 
505-467-1402 or