November 9, 2016


“Home of the Firebirds”

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Parents and Guardians,

Academic Support:  The partnership between school and families is an important one to help our students continue to grow emotionally, socially, and academically.  While we know that your lives are very busy, as a staff, we would appreciate your support at home by:

Reading every night with your children.  Based on your child’s age and grade level, reading nightly or having your child read to you for 10-30 minutes has a very positive impact.  Also, while reading, have conversations about the meanings of words and phrases in the story so that you know what your children understand in the story.  

Practicing math facts.  Every teacher is working with your students in solving Multi-step Literacy-Based math problems that involve students logically working with different aspects in math to solve a story problem.  All students have math journals to explain/draw their thinking and ways they solve these problems.  Based on grade level and age, helping your children practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts so that facts are memorized will help your children in solving and explaining these kinds of problems.  

Talking to your children about how you use math.  Math has a place in cooking, budgeting, home improvement, scheduling, and other areas in homes.  Students are reminded of the importance of math in a daily objective; hearing from you helps take that concept to another level.  

Parent Support:  We would like to host parent evenings to talk about areas of interest to you. Please send ideas to Mrs. Korce at

Dental Sealants:   Dental sealants will be done on Nov. 9 and 10 for students whose parents/guardians already filled out and returned forms and answered “Yes” for sealants.

Picture Retakes:  Picture Retakes are scheduled for Wednesday, November 9, 2016. Students not present for pictures on 9/28 will have their pictures taken 11/9. If a retake of the 9/28 photo is requested, all of the original pictures must be returned to the photographer on 11/9. (Flyers were sent home with instructions last week.)

DEA Test B:  Students will be doing DEA Test B the week of Nov. 14-18

Science Fair:  Chaparral’s date for judging by scientists for the Science Fair is December 5, 2016. Ms. Abbate will send home information regarding this asap. In the meantime, please help your child decide on an Inquiry-Based Science Project.

Coleen Korce, Principal  Chaparral Elementary School

505-467-1402 or 505-204-9184