November 16, 2016


“Home of the Firebirds”

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Parents and Guardians,

We are in a time of change and in order to best support our children, we need to remember that our children deserve to feel safe and secure when at school and at all times. At Chaparral, we are committed to making sure your children know adults at Chaparral care about them and will respond to their needs and feelings appropriately.  

As adults, we are the leaders and teach our children valuable lessons with our own behavior  to assure feelings of security.  Children function best when adults are predictable, repetitive, and attuned.  Please maintain your routines and procedures at home to support learning and growth in all areas.  Repeat your expectations for behavior in positive ways.  Be attuned to the needs of children so that they know there will be  appropriate responses from adults at home and at school for their feelings and concerns.  

As always, we thank you for doing the very important job of parenting and  supporting your children with their emotional, social, and academic growth.  

Science Fair:  The Science Fair will be Dec. 5.  Please make sure you are working at home on the Science Boards.   Ms. Abbate had scientists come to every class at school on Monday to demonstrate how boards can be organized and present requirements for boards  Ms. Abbate will send home more information this week.

Spelling Bee:  Ms. Encinias will be sending information and important dates home for the Spelling Bee.  We will need to have classroom Spelling Bees, then an all-school spelling Bee.

Awards Assembly:  We will have a semester awards assembly before Winter break.  The date will be in the December calendar.

Safety Drills:  The drills needed for the months of NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER ARE SHELTER IN PLACE  AND LOCKDOWN .   Shelter in Place means that front doors are locked and no one will be allowed into the building, all classroom doors will be locked, and students have freedom of movement in rooms.  A Lockdown drill is the next step and students will place themselves in an area of the room where they cannot be seen from doors or outdoor windows and they must maintain silence.   In both drills, no one will be allowed into the building until doors are unlocked and teacher receive an all clear signal.  Please remember these are drills in case of emergency and be patient if you arrive at school and see a note stating there is a drill.  In case of a real emergency, families will be contacted by School Messenger.  Please make sure your contact numbers are correct on PowerSchool by notifying Ms. Beverly in the office whenever there are changes in phone numbers.

Coleen Korce, Principal

Chaparral Elementary School

505-467-1402 or 505-204-9184