May 3, 2017


Wednesday Newsletter

May 3, 2017

End Of the Year:  The end of the year means many activities and special events.  We have sent home a calendar of events and if there are any changes, you will be notified with a note home.  


May 11--Last day for 21st Century AfterSchool Program

May 12- Annual Student Council Teacher/Student game -10:00-11:00 am

May 16-Ms. Abbate’s Grade 3 performs play-9:30 am Grades K-3

              Ms. Abbate’s Grade 3 perfoms Play for parents 6:00 pm.  

May 19- Field Day at Ragle Park-8:30 am-11:00 pm Volunteers needed.  Lunch in cafeteria with same schedule

May 22-AM Yearbook signing (8:30 Grades 1 and 2; 9:00 Grades 3 and 4; 9:30  Grades 5 & 6)

              PM Awards assemblies (1:00 pm Grades K-2, 2:00 pm grades 3-6)

May 23-Grade 6 Promotion Ceremony-11:00 followed by a reception

              May 24 -Last day of classes. Dismissal at 11:00 No lunch served

               Grade 6 Fun Day

A  Very Important Survey: This survey is called EES. This is an online survey to give feedback about your children’s teachers. We sent home a note on Tuesday regarding this. The survey for each teacher takes about 3 minutes.  We have chromebook computers in the Lobby available for you to use. This survey does impact teacher evaluations. Please take the time to complete yours. The URL address is displayed next to the chromebooks in the Lobby. It can also be used to complete the survey from home.  Survey closes this Friday 5/5/2017.

VolleyBall Games:  Final tournament games are this weekend. Schedules for each team are not known.   

Attendance: Chaparral’s attendance for the Month of April was 94.3% and Amy Biehl’s attendance was 94.3%.  We have a chance to beat Amy Biehl every week in May!

PBIS : (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports)  Ms. Gustafson’s grade 6 class created a great video for playground behavior.  We plan to have them continue with this.  Please join us to assist with our PBIS plan for a positive culture at Chaparral.

Registration for students going into 7th grade next year: We still need your future 7th graders to register here at Chaparral for next year!

K-3 Plus: The classes are filling up for K- 3 Plus.  Please check with the office to see if we are able to help your students going into grades K-3 take advantage of this great summer program.  There have been 4 schools that lost this program.  If we want quality programs and opportunities to improve academic achievement at Chaparral, we need students registered and attending the programs.  

Please remind friends and neighbors to register for Kindergarten.  

Please feel free to call with questions and to volunteer to assist with PBIS,

Coleen A. Korce 505-467-1402 or 505-204-9184