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Chaparral Thanksgiving Family Luncheon

By The Student Digital Tech Team

Theresa, Virginia, Jessica and Dora serving lunch

Did you happen to stop by at Chaparral Elementary on November 16th? If you didn’t, then you don’t know what you missed out on! It was a bundle of amusement and eating. It was a mini Thanksgiving, prepared by our own staff. Of course the staff had to work a little harder, but everyone still got a good lunch. Even the staff had fun.

This lunch was very different from a normal lunch. Students were served turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, cupcakes, and so much more. The parents had tea while the students had a large menu of drinks.

Does the cafeteria do this all the time? No this was a one lunch extravaganza. They worked very hard and in fact extra staff had to come in, so everyone could get their food quickly.

Extra staff helping with the luncheon.

Many parents and family members attended as you can see from the photos featured.

Students got to spend some quality time with their family. They enjoyed doing so with good food.

Families waiting for a great lunch

Families and students at our luncheon

Greg, Paola, Emilia and Luca Martini

Jennifer, Mena, and Michael Gilmore

Family and friends together for the Thanksgiving luncheon

November 13, 2017


Lunch at Its Finest  

By the  Chaparral Student Digital Tech Team

Chaparral Elementary will have a school luncheon for Thanksgiving. Many parents, and their children have reserved a spot to come eat. The lunch will be held Thursday, November 16 and 130 families have registered to attend!  Lunch times will change to fit everyone into the cafeteria to eat.


Our cafeteria staff are Monica, Amy, and Georgia do the hard job making food for everyone. For this occasion, they will prepare seven turkeys for everyone, the turkeys weigh ten pounds each. So in all the turkeys weigh seventy pounds, and that's a lot of turkey! Also, they had to start one day earlier than normal to cook everything, and work eight extra hours. In the end, everyone will have a good lunch.20171108_092720.jpg

See you at our Thanksgiving luncheon!

October 2017

Chaparral Book Fair Highlights

By the Chaparral Student Digital Tech Team

Did you know Chaparral Elementary had a book fair? It was held the week of October 25th, in Room 212. If you didn’t, well it was spectacular. In the first days of it, children were rushing in and out for books. Not only that, but the money made from the book fair went to the school, for celebrations and other events.

Here are photo highlights from Ms. Encinias’ 6th grade visit!


What a terrific selection of books for all grade levels!


Damian checking out one book.



Cookbooks and other selections for teachers were available as well.


Great posters could also be purchased.

Amanda and Ayannah

September 14, 2017

Digital Learning

By Dominic Mandel, Digital Learning Coach Our school continues its digital and technology learning as all 6th graders now have a new Chromebook assigned for each student. They will have access and be responsible for this assigned laptop throughout the year and have been given instructions on the care and use of both the equipment and Internet use.

Part of their instruction has been on Digital Citizenship, which means responsibly accessing the Internet and websites so as to minimize and prevent personal and other sensitive information from being shared to unauthorized individuals. Forms are being sent out with students asking them to review these guidelines with you, the parents, so that students have a productive, but safe year of digital learning.

Next year as middle school students, they will have take-home privileges with the laptops as the SFPS continues expanding access to digital learning for all students.

photo of laptop or tablet screen

August 30, 2017
Digital Learning Update

By Dominic Mandel,
Digital Learning Coach
As part of the Santa Fe Public School District’s Digital Learning Plan, Chaparral Elementary just received new Chromebooks and tablets as well as infrastructure upgrades in digital equipment for student learning.

Each Grade 6 student at Chaparral now has a Chromebook--no more sharing needed! The Chromebooks cannot be taken out of the school building (that will happen next year, in Middle School), but a Chromebook for every student lives in each Grade 6 classroom.

Students use the Chromebooks for Internet access to do research for reports. They write reports, create Powerpoint presentations, and make spreadsheets. Does a student need to look up a statistic or the definition of a word? The information is at their fingertips. Google Classroom delivers specific assignments to students and connects each student’s work to the teacher.  

Students in K through 2nd grades will have improved access to hand-held tablets, more appropriate for their grade level and learning needs.

New student equipment and upgrades are part of the Electronic Technology Note, also known as the SFPS Technology Bond. The Bond Elections ask Santa Fe voters, most recently in February 2016, to provide ongoing financial support for the SFPS Digital Learning Plan through their property taxes. The funding allows the purchase of digital equipment and teacher training. The vote was YES. As a result, a number of schools, including Chaparral, received upgrades in digital technology and learning instruction this year.

Families: Ask your students to share their digital learning with you. Their skills may amaze you!

Theresa, Virginia, Jessica and Dora serving lunch
Theresa, Virginia, Jessica and Dora serving lunch