Standard Dress: What to Wear at School

Standard Dress: What to Wear at Chaparral

What is “Standard Dress”?    

It’s kind of like a school uniform, except there is more choice.

Dress codes have proven to increase student achievement by encouraging students to concentrate more on their studies and less on their wardrobe.

Shirts, blouses YES Must have a collar Must be a solid color with no logo Polo shirts are the most popular choice. T-shirts may be worn only if they are official Chaparral Firebird shirts

NO No spaghetti straps

Pants, etc. YES Jeans (blue or black) or Slacks (khaki or navy or black color; straight-legged, Dockers style, cotton twill, cotton-poly fabric) Also okay: shorts, skorts, capri pants, skirts, jumpers (same fabric and color as for slacks and longer than finger-tip length).

NO No sagging pants, baggy pants, low-crotch pants No sweatpants No athletic shorts No cargo pants No spandex or polyester

Belts? Waist-size appropriate? Yes Long-ended?  No

Leggings or Tights?

Solid color?  Yes Worn under skirt, skort, shorts, jumper?  Yes

  YES                                           Hat? NO!

       Polo shirt                No hats, caps, or hoods indoors