The Battle in Los Lunas: BoB

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The Battle in Los Lunas: It’s all about BoB

Bob? Who’s Bob? And why is he in a battle??

It’s not ‘Bob’. It’s BoB: Battle of the Books. BoB is a national organization dedicated to fostering the love of reading.

For the past four years, volunteer Mrs. Angelina Quintana has been our school’s BoB Club sponsor. The group meets Tuesday afternoons and is open to all interested students in grades 4-6. The group discusses books and enjoys book-related activities.

Each year, the BoB Committee for the state of New Mexico selects 20 books on which to focus. That’s where the ‘Battle’ comes in. An optional part of the BoB experience is participation in New Mexico’s annual Battle of the Books. Club members who have read at least 10 of the books on the state BoB list are invited to join our school’s BoB Battle team. This year, the state competition will be held on April 29 in Los Lunas.

The Battle of the Books is no ordinary battle. BoB members arrive at the Battle as a school team. However, they are then split up and assigned to new teams. The new teams are made up of students from schools across New Mexico--students who have probably never met before. The rounds of the competition involve questions about books on the BoB list.

This year’s Chaparral BoB Team members will be Mateo Gallegos, Emily Glover, Alexus Martinez, Quinn Nelson, Patrick Quintana, and Calliegh Ulibarri. We wish our team good luck and lots of fun with books and new friends!