Student Council Announcements

Student Council Announcements!

By Lydia Steinhoff

February 28, 2017

The votes are in, and it looks like we have some winners to announce! The student council candidates all presented a speech in front of the whole school on Feb. 3rd before the student body voted. Each candidate offered a wonderful speech, but only 4 kids could win.

For president we have Sarina Sandoval, and since Luis Bustos came in 2nd, he will be taking the role as the Vice President. The winner for secretary is Harmony Alas, and last but not least, the winner for treasurer is Matthew Holmes.

Already the student council has been hard at work, selling the annual Valentine Candy Grams. Though the amount earned has not yet been determined, we do know that the student council ended up completely selling out of the Candy Grams.

The first meeting of the student council will take place March 1st. At that meeting, members will figure out fundraisers and fun events.

A thank you must be given to Mrs. Prada, who teaches 1st grade here at Chaparral. She is in charge of the student council and has done a lot to help out the new members.