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October 10, 2017

No Excuses!   by:Adrina

Almost every one says excuses. Many excuses get in our way of doing things that could help us be more successful in life. So stop making excuses and actually do these things that you are capable of. Wake up every morning and aim for you goal, whether it's going for a walk or painting your room.The more excuses you make the less trustworthy you become.

Never feel that you are not capable of the things that you have said, instead make these things possible! Do not put your goal to the side, always put your goal in front of you. No matter how wealthy or poor you are you should never give up. Make your goals come true and always do as you have said.


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Thank you!  

Parent Teacher Conferences

Our parent teacher conferences will be on October 20th and 23rd. On those days, there will also be no school. Yay!! You can contact your child's teacher to find out the time and date of your child's conference.

Book Fair


Our Chaparral book fair is coming up!!

We want all you Firebirds to buy BOOKS!  Our book fair will be going on October 23-28.  We need parent volunteers for this event!  We have many fun and educational books you and your family can enjoy!  This event will also be going on during the halloween carnival.

Chocolate Sales

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Round up the money! The chocolate sale has ended. We need all money returned as soon as possible. Our top seller is Ceciliana, she sold 26 boxes of chocolate. Another one of our best sellers is Calleigh, she sold 25 boxes. Thank you to all the kids who sold boxes! Enjoy your prizes!   

Our School

October 3, 2017

Upcoming Events

  • Halloween Carnival

    • October 28th

  • Picture Day

    • October 4th

  • Playground Reminders

  • Student Council

  • Girls Basketball

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Halloween Carnival

The purpose of our Halloween carnival is to raise money for our school. We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to help with the carnival. Ask your parents! This would be a great chance to show off your Halloween costumes and interact with others! Our carnival is on October 28th!

See you there!

Picture Day

Picture day is October 4th. Dress in your nicest clothes. Dress as if you are going to a wedding or to a dance. Remember to bring your order and money.


Mrs. Korce would like to avoid wearing the color green.  YOU can help!

Here’s how.  Unless you are sick, come to school!

Let’s win the contest against Amy Biehl!

Playground Reminders

Please watch the video created by Ms. Gustafson.  She really highlighted how to use the equipment on the playground safely.

Ask your teacher.

It’s always awesome when you are being kind to other students and making new friends!


Student Council

Congratulations to our new student council. We want to thank all the candidates. We know it takes courage to get up in front of the whole school and do a speech. We are proud of all the candidates!

President:  Angel 

Vice president: Ceciliana  
Treasurer: Amiyah 
Secretary: Tam 

Chaparral Elementary

October 2017