What is a Dress-Down Day?

What is a "Dollar Dress-Down Day"?

Some Fridays are designated "Dollar Dress-Down Days". On a Dress-Down Day, a student may wear clothing that varies from the usual Standard Dress.

The catch? In order to "Dress Down", the student must pay $1 as he or she enters the building in the morning and receive a hand-stamp from the PTA  volunteer in charge.

Dress-Down Days raise money for the PTA. The PTA, in turn, sponsors events and helps pay for classroom supplies, library books, field trips, and other enhancements to Chaparral.

What kind of clothing qualifies as "Dress-Down"? A fun (but not disrespectful) t-shirt, perhaps, or pants that are not khakis or jeans. Standards of modesty and decorum must, of course, be maintained (no spaghetti straps nor low necklines, for example). It's your chance to express your individuality and raise a little money for the PTA.

Dates for Dress-Down Days will be announced; they also appear on the Calendar.

Photo of children making "Flubber" as science experiment